IB Student Completes CAS Project to Raise Funds for Animals in Need


Johanne Rico-Fragoso

As part of Kenwood’s IB program (International Baccalaureate), students must complete a CAS project which is a series of experiences that contributes to the student’s personal development. CAS stands for creativity, activity, and service ​and is required for students pursuing the full IB Diploma. The project must take students at least a month to complete ​and they must reflect throughout the process.

IB Diploma Program junior Yeily Benitez recently completed her CAS  project. Her dedication to her project revolved around her passion for animals, particularly dogs. She wanted to make her project about something she liked and that she was passionate about. She made a timeline for her project that took a month to complete. 

She built dog houses with her family which fulfilled the activity and creativity part of the CAS project requirement. She then sold them to raise over $450 to donate to BARCS, Baltimore’s Animal and Rescue shelter which fulfilled the service part of her CAS project. Kenwood’s IB and CAS Coordinator Ms. Williams adds, ​”Yeily’s project was above and beyond as students usually focus in on one component of CAS, not all three. Her reflections on the process showcased her learning and personal growth.”

Yeily’s project took a lot of time management and collaboration with her father who helped her build the houses. She shares that her inspiration came from her own dog. “I was inspired to do this particular project because I ended up adopting a dog of my own.” She loves dogs so she decided to led a helping hand out with the shelter.