New Quarter Means New Grades: Make it Count!


Khi and Tyleah working hard in class to get the second quarter off with solid grades.

Ramon Arrington

In high school the grade experience is a roller coaster and a different higher expectation than students previously experienced in elementary and middle school.

Grades can either be stressful, depressing, but can also even sometimes make students proud and happy. Grades can also affect students’ careers and college acceptance which is why the expectations of grades in high school are so much more important.

Kenwood school counselor Ms. Barton has met with many graduating seniors over the years and shares how many seniors have told her, “I should have taken school more seriously in my 9th/10th/11th grade year.” This is a common occurrence as students often don’t understand the difference in grades from middle school to high school.

She adds, “Many students think that 9th grade year doesn’t matter but unfortunately, in high school, every core class that you fail, you MUST retake. Whether that’s in SPARC, at summer school or night school. Students have eight classes a year which is 32 chances to earn their 21 graduation requirements as mandated by the State of Maryland.”

Grades can make a difference on what college students go to. Grades can stop students from graduating, and it can also earn students honors and recognitions such as honor roll, National Honor Society membership, and even being valedictorian or top of their class. Not only does getting good grades right from the start prevent students from having to retake classes but it opens up opportunities to explore other things as they’ll have earned their required credits sooner, freeing up time to explore other things at the end of high school.

School counselor Ms. Kramer adds, “The most logical way to get through high school is to pass your classes so that by senior year you will be able to leave school early to go home, go to a job, or start earning college credits for FREE at CCBC!”

This week starts the second quarter and it’s a new beginning to succeed in your classes. The quarter will end in mid January but as it’s a busy time of the year, don’t waste time on getting this quarter started off on a good note.