Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month


The World Languages Hallway recognizing and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Kim Lopez-Zamudio

From September 15th through October 15th we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. It’s an opportunity for those in the Hispanic culture to celebrate their culture and for others to learn more about the Hispanic culture.

As has been the tradition in years past, students here at Kenwood High participated in Hispanic Heritage month in several of their classes and organizations.

Students in Sra. De La Mota Perez classroom learned about cultura pop and successful Hispanic people. Sra De La Mota Perez adds, “It is important for students to learn about the variety of different cultures that the Hispanic community consist of as well as show them how much influence Hispanics have had in the United States specifically in Pop Culture. We see examples in the music that we listen to on the radio and on the TV series we stream.”

Jazi E, junior at Kenwood High appreciates the diversity at Kenwood and continued opportunity to learn more about diversity in our classes. She says, “ I think most of us see each other equally, no matter the skin color or race.”

In Ms. Jelovac’s classes students created not only posters but explored creating Hispanic food trucks highlighting the Hispanic culture, countries, traditions and food.

Kenwood Emily Velasquez appreciates these experiences built into her school experience. “Recognizing the different heritage months at school are important, whether it’s Hispanic Heritage month, Asian Pacific American Heritage month, Native American month,  or Black History month. I think it’s important for all of us to be supportive to each other and I feel like that’s what we try to do here at Kenwood.”

As part of Hispanic Heritage month each morning a new detail or fact about a successful Hispanic person would be shared on the morning announcements.

Last year at the end of the year and hopefully again this year students hosted a culture day where students could gather one afternoon in the cafeteria to learn more about all other cultures, try other cultures’ food, snacks and desserts.

Outside of Kenwood High School the community also gathers to recognize and celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. Each year in Patterson park there is a parade with different Hispanic countries represented throughout the parade. Those in attendance can eat cultured food, shop jewelry and art, as well as participate in dancing and even face painting activities!