Kenwood Celebrates Cultural Diversity with Cultural Awareness Day


Students dressed to represent their culture for Cultural Day on April 22.

Genesis Bonilla

Kenwood High School has a diverse background amongst it’s large student population, which is why Kenwood celebrates Culture Day. On April 22, a diverse number of students  represented their culture!

Amyah Davis, who represented the African American culture shared, “Culture day is a day where students and teachers can explore and educate themselves on someone’s cultural background.”

Culture day took place during 4th period and classes were able to come down to see the event. Kathrin Moreno, a student representing El Salvador, shared “I loved seeing other Latin American countries and representing El Salvador in general.” Not only were students able to learn about El Salvador, but students were also able to learn about the African American culture, Nigerian Culture, Mexican culture, and much more.

Students representing their culture on Kenwood’s Culture Day.

Mekhi Miller, who represented African American culture added, “Seeing how every culture had its differences and similarities made Culture Day so enjoyable.”

Culture day is brought to Kenwood, by Kenwood’s SGA. Ms. Forman, an advisor of Kenwood’s SGA, adds, “The message is that culture is welcome and appreciated and we hope to give a safe space for students who want to showcase their history.”

Students could visit displays to learn about the history, food, and customs of different cultures.

Here at Kenwood, we thrive from the diversity in our community, which is why it is important to have events like Culture Day. The Kenwood community is now more than ever excited to see more culture, food, and dances being represented during next year’s Culture day! Kenwood’s Principal, Mr. Powell adds, “It was an awesome cultural event organized by students for students!”

Be sure to look to be a part of next year’s Culture Day and represent your culture.