Excellent and Superior Ratings for Kenwood Musicians at the Maryland States MMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival


Image provided by MMEA.

Kenwood musicians received Excellent and Superior Ratings.

Samuel Thorton

At the end of the school year, Kenwood music students have the opportunity to participate in “States” competition.

Kenwood’s band and orchestra teacher Mr. Ladd says there’s much benefit to students participating in music as an extracurricular during their time in school.  “Being in band or orchestra makes students smarter. Really! It has been shown that those who play an instrument show an increase not just in overall scores and test scores, but are better socialized, have a better understanding of teamwork and individual responsibility. I have had many students over the years that refer to band or orchestra as a family. You may not always get along, but each member is very important to the overall performance of the group, and you get respect for doing your part.”

Those students showed up together as a family to receive some great ratings at Maryland’s “States” MMEA Solo/Ensemble Festival. Thanks to the help of Mr. Lyon and his televideo crew they helped the music students video their final performance to submit for the competition.

When the rating results returned they were results to celebrate! Mr. Ladd shares, “They all received EXCELLENT ratings, except for the last group, a Woodwind Trio, who achieved the highest State Rating of SUPERIOR!” There were then three soloist that received ratings of EXCELLENT: freshmen, Jona Abuel on the String Bass; freshmen Justin Brooks on the String Bass; and sophomore Breanna Vina on the violin.

Our musicians aren’t quite finished for the year yet though as the Kenwood  Choir and Band is going to perform at The SECU Arena for the Graduation Class of 2022.