Kenwood’s Environmental Club Celebrates Earth Day Every day


Kenwood’s environmental club, K.E.N is focused on taking care of the Earth every day. If you haven’t caught their podcasts about what you can to help the earth be sure to check them out.

Besides creating podcasts, they’re also watching over a Bluebird nest on Kenwood’s campus and getting ready to host a plant sale. They’ll be selling tomatoes, veggies, and some herbs. More details coming next week. Despite the virtual setting of this past year, they’ve been busy conducting a virtual forum for middle and elementary green school clubs. Several of their members also present to the Chamber of Commerce regarding all of the initiatives that they have been involved with over the last few years.

For Earth Day, they wanted to share three virtual opportunities to celebrate this special day and help do your part to reduce the impact that we are having on our local environment.

1. Green 60: Our Planet, Our Home – This is a contest being run by students from Baltimore County Student Councils (BCSC) from April 12th – April 23rd. Students from across the county will compete for points for their schools by engaging in environmental activities from their homes and neighborhoods. It could be something as simple as creating a piece of environmentally-themed art to something big like organizing a 30 minute neighborhood cleanup. You just snap a photo or take a video, send it to Mr. Woodward ([email protected]), and he will submit it to the contest for our school.

2. MASC Environmental Seminar – this is an online seminar on Earth Day (4/22) conducted by students from the Maryland Association of Student Councils. Topics include: how to make your school, community, and Maryland as a whole a greener, more eco-friendly place! To register for this seminar visit this link: MASC Seminar Signup

3. 1st Annual Baltimore Zero Waste Day – this is an online seminar with students from several cities including Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Detroit. Students will highlight the efforts they have made to take food out of the waste cycle. Students and staff from Kenwood will be talking about how our efforts to start a composting program in our cafeteria has developed into a program in several BCPS schools. To join this seminar visit this link: Zero Waste Seminar Signup o

4.  Join Kenwood’s Environmental Nestwork Club: Today and every day if you are interested in helping take better care of the Earth, join Kenwood’s Environmental Club. We meet at 1pm every asynchronous Wednesday. Google Meet Code: KHSKEN


Check out the baby bluebird eggs!