Kenwood Helps Us Rise Above

Autumn Rowe, Junior

Kenwood High School has become a place of guidance and perception to many. It’s a place that aims to soar to the top with continued achievements. The people who give a voice, do it for the team, giving purpose to the halls and rooms of Kenwood. It’s a place of safe comfort, of teachings that inspire, a place where students feel at home with family not by blood but by heart.

It’s a place of friendships, joyful days, laughter, and hope. The classrooms overflow with hard work, creativity, and enlightening conversations. Teachers are prepared to share knowledge to those ready to learn it.  Principals help those in need, taking action to help us reach our potential, and guide us on how to overcome our situations and choices, preparing us to be accountable for our actions now and later. Kenwood staff wants to keep us safe and see us reach the top. Kenwood High is a look into the future, a shelter for us at times, and is our next step to becoming more.

Kenwood gives us a change or second chance when we’re stuck in a tough situation. Here we can find balance in our lives when needed. As students we become the hope for our generation and the next that education can open new doors to us. The supportive system of Kenwood works to keep us in shape and ready for the next game in this life.

Together we rise to the best version of ourselves. We are what makes Kenwood a better place, showing that education isn’t to be feared but the best choice to make. There is always a seat for anyone at Kenwood where we can be seen as equal and we welcome diversity.

As we leave Kenwood and head to our next chapter we become the face of Kenwood. Our stories, our experiences, our ideas, and creations become a part of the story of Kenwood. Though Kenwood is just a chapter in our lives, for some it is the turning point in the plot of our individual stories.