End of the Year Recognitions for Kenwood Teachers and Staff


Kenwood’s Ms. Kristin Smith was awarded the Chesapeake Gateway Chamber Secondary Teacher of the Year Award!

Staff Reports

It is the end of another school year and with the end of every school year comes award recognitions but also good byes as teachers sometimes move on or decide to retire.

A school can become like a second family to a teacher and whether it’s their first or last school family, they will always hold a special place in a teacher’s heart.

We will miss all of our teachers that are moving onto next chapters next Fall. Two staff members will be stepping into retirement after this year. Librarian para educator Ms. Downes will be retiring after ten years with BCPS. She spent the last five years here at Kenwood which is also the school where she graduated! She hopes to use her retirement to spend time with family and friends and at her place in West Virginia, as well as traveling more. “I have loved being at Kenwood. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the nicest people, especially Ms. Schmidt. She has made my last two years so much fun. She is an asset to Kenwood and the students. I will miss her,” shares Ms. Downes.

Kenwood social studies teacher Mr. Williams is also moving on to retirement next year. He worked in education for twenty five years and twenty three of those years were here at Kenwood! He hopes to use some of his spare time to play the guitar more and get more in to cooking. His parting words to his fellow teachers as, “For as long as you teach, never stop learning, especially about the lives of your kids.”

Besides next chapters and good byes there’s always much to celebrate at the end of the year. Throughout the year teachers and staff are often recognized for their achievements.

This year our very own athletic director Coach Ruocco was one of four BCPS athletic directors nominated for Athletic Director of the year.

The local Chamber of Commerce recognizes a teacher and support staff each year. This year Mr. Hubbard was the support staff of the year nominee. Kenwood’s teacher Ms. Kristin Smith was Kenwood’s Teacher of the Year Nominee and she was awarded the Chesapeake Gateway Chamber Secondary Teacher of the Year Award. She teaches Science and several of the SSA classes, including the ones that have featured students using the life saving skills of CPR that they’ve learned in her class.

Kenwood’s BCPS Teacher of the Year Nominee was AVID and French teacher Ms. Komorowski and Kenwood’s principal Mr. Powell was nominated for BCPS’s Principal of the Year. Both were recognized at the BCPS Champions of Children Award ceremony back on April 19, where Mr. Powell was named the BCPS Principal of the Year for the second time in his seven years here at Kenwood.

All teachers and staff worked incredibly hard this year to continue the ongoing building that’s been taking place since we’ve returned from the pandemic. We wish those moving on the best and for everyone returning we look forward to new beginnings with the restart of school next Fall.