Kenwood Writers Release Fifth Annual Literary Magazine The Bluebird Voice


Photography by McKayla Shannon, Grade 12

The Kenwood literary magazine continues to grow with impressive art and writing collections for the fifth year in a row. It was restarted back in the 2018-2019 school year by Ms. Barr and Ms. Glenn as a 27 page publication with just fifteen writers and artists.

Ms. Joan Cooper, published poet and fiction writer, joined the Kenwood writing team the following school year and began overseeing the production of the magazine while Barr took on the production of the school yearbook and Glenn oversaw the writers here on Eye of the Bluebird. Over the course of the next four school years, despite the pandemic, the magazine is now upon its fifth release as a 72 page magazine, featuring numerous pieces of writing and art centered around the theme of identity.

You can check out the full digital copy of this year’s Bluebird Voice here .

Interested student writers can learn more about publication opportunities with the newspaper, yearbook, and literary magazine here at Kenwood by seeing Ms. Glenn or Ms. Cooper in the English wing. We look forward to working with returning and new writers next school year. Come write with us!