School’s Out for Summer


Photography by Diana Moreno

Daniel Oloju

As we all know summer break is a time where everyone drops their sweaters and puts on their bikinis and shorts. It’s a time for everyone to release pent up stress and get to the sunny beaches to release all that stress of the fall, winter, and spring..

Summer time is a time when students have an extended range of free time. How they spend that free time away from school varies from student to student. Some use it on video games or even just sleeping. But in the case of a Kenwood student Autumn Rowe, she omits this point by saying, “I am going to be working the majority of the summertime to save up for a car for my senior year.” Autumn isn’t the only Kenwood teen being productive with their summer. Many teens use the time to work extra hours or work ahead in their school goals. 

Students like sophomore Line will use the summer to begin exploring future careers early and taking major steps towards it. She plans to use her summer to “take some college classes and get a job” as well as “spending time at my internship”. She’ll head in to her junior year with a huge head start on her future.

As we all know the school year can be draining and often time exhausting on both students and teachers. While students use the summer to work to save money or prepare for their futures, some teachers use it as a time for the opposite- to relax and recharge from months of working hard. Kenwood High teacher Mr. Kern will use the summer to “take time to recharge and spend more time with family”. This time gives teachers a chance to reconnect with family and make unforgettable memories. 

The long winter and spring months can bring on stress that has a negative impact on both educators and students. As Chi A says, “It is really stressful, but with the summer break it will be a time of recharge and replenishment as I get to relax and spend more time with friends and family.”

If you’re an incoming freshmen or senior be sure to check your class schoology pages to find out how to engage in opportunities to get ready for the next level whether that’s high school or college!

Overall the summer break is one of the best times of the year because it entails fun activities, creates wonderful memories, provides opportunity to reconnect with loved ones,  and releases  stress. We hope everyone has a restful and joyful summer break and comes back in the Fall recharged for a new school year!