It’s Teacher Appreciation Week at Kenwood High


Kenwood’s Boosters held a luncheon for the teachers on May 10.

Gabriela Flores

Teacher appreciation week is something that comes once a year, which is time for us students to appreciate our teachers and KHS staff or for teachers and staff to appreciate each other. This week, May 8-12, if BCPS’s official Teacher Appreciation Week.


Teacher Appreciation Week can be dated to 1984 where educational and political leaders discussed the idea to honor teachers for their work. Going further back to 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt started asking the 81st Congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day but it would take 27 years before “National Teacher day began on March 7 , 1980. The National Education Association kept National Teacher day on the 7th until the last National PTA made teacher appreciation week the whole first week of May!” (“The History Behind Teacher Appreciation Week”).


Teachers deserve a week  of appreciation for their hard work. Some students agree that teachers work diligently year around and spend time in and out of our buildings to ensure students succeed. Kenwood freshmen, Meadow B thinks teachers work hard, deserving this week “I think teacher appreciation week is very important and I think they deserve it because they don’t get paid enough. It’s a day to honor them,” she shares.


Teacher Appreciation week is special to teachers, and they enjoy the week of recognition. Here at Kenwood that includes lunch provided-one day by the Kenwood Boosters and another day by the Kenwood administrative team. The administrative team also leaves little gifts for their teachers in their mailboxes throughout the week. Students in some classes take time to write thank you cards to their favorite teachers that helped them get through the year. In local communities restaurants and businesses often offer discounts for teachers.


Teacher Appreciation week is an opportunity for teachers to feel noticed for their hard work. For Mrs Bogrand teacher appreciation week is something special that she values. “For me teachers do a lot of different things to be teachers so it’s nice to have a moment where you feel be recognized and valued.”


For some other teachers getting appreciated by their students helps them appreciation their students more. Mr Etsch adds, “This year was hard to teach, but when students appreciate me I appreciate them. We work together, so appreciating us means a lot. Thank you.”


On the other hand some students like to appreciate their teachers by giving them stuff like Christian W. “I like to give them gifts like chocolate, snacks, and sweets.” But other gift teachers appreciate are just simple cards thanking them for what they’ve done for you or helping them out in class.


Be sure this week to take time to appreciate the Kenwood staff and teachers and the hard work they do for the school and your education. You can do many things to appreciate your teachers and Kenwood staff.  Just like simple acts of kindness.




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