Spring Sports Off & Running Here at Kenwood High


Varsity softball is off to a strong start with a 5-2 record so far.

Journie Holden and Anthony Griffith

At Kenwood High School we are well into our third season of a full year of Kenwood athletics.

For the Spring students have choices to be a part of the baseball or softball, lacrosse,  track and field, tennis team or mixed cheerleading squad.

Individual sports and team dynamics can help students feel a sense of fulfillment and belonging. Sports are a metaphor for life. Teamwork, self-control, resilience, respect, compassion, and character are essential in life. Sports can help people develop the abilities they need to succeed in life and on the playing field.

Kenwood junior Elijah D, recently joined the lacrosse team, and he is very happy with being on the team. “Sports help sharpen your discipline and mentality and prepare you for a lot in life. Sports are more than just on the field. When you join a team it’s like joining a family.”

Participating in school sports is also good for your college resume as colleges are always looking for people who have experienced extracurricular activities during high school. Not only do they build your college application but can be a gateway to scholarships.

Being a scholar athlete can be hard. It’s a lot of time management with school work and on the field you are often competing not only against opponents but for playing time to make a difference for your team.  “I want the opportunity to lead my team to victory,” shared lacrosse player Khalime Truell.

Sports push students to reach further. “I think of everyone who worked hard to get me to the position I’m in right now. They pushed me to work harder than I think I can,” shares Kenwood multi sport athlete Makenzie Kerner said.

There’s still half a season left of Kenwood sports this year.  You can catch softball, baseball, and tennis for free! You can get tickets to catch lacrosse at ticket spicket. Access all schedules at digitalsports.com.

Take advantage of the nice warm weather and come watch some of your favorite student athletes take the field this Spring!