Easter a Time for Gathering with Family


Lin Tajeken Jeufack

Spring rainbow over Kenwood

Gabriela Flores

With Spring Break comes for some the celebration of Easter. Easter is a holiday that always falls on the Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox which is why Easter never falls on the same Sunday twice. 

According to religious scholar Brent Landau, Easter is from the name of a pre Christian English goddess called Eostre. It was Christians using the name of the goddess to celebrate the resurrection that resulted in designating the holiday celebration as Easter (Landau).

Like many religious holidays of various faiths, Easter is often a time to gather with family. Some common traditions particular to Easter though involve things like coloring Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, big family dinners, and going to church for those of the Christian faith. 

Though for small children the excitement of an approaching holiday may sometimes be candy, gifts, and treats as people get older holidays become more about the chance to spend time together with loved ones. For Kenwood’s  Ms Reed one of her favorite Easter traditions revolves around that special time with family. “Being close with my grandparents an Easter tradition of mine is going to their place for dinner. But now that they are older the dinners are not as big.”

While some look forward to the family feast of  hams, breads, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and  eggs some look forward to the abundance of candy that often comes in children’s Easter egg baskets and eggs.  Student Neveah S shares, “Back as a small child Easter used to be more exciting. I used to ride horses and come home to the Easter Bunny leaving us easter baskets full of candy.”

Whether older or younger, Easter traditions can be something to look forward to this time of the year. For those that celebrate Happy Easter. 



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