How Do You Get College and Career Ready-Tips from a Senior


AVID Scholarships received so far for the Class of 2023.

Asharia Olukayode

Throughout high school students are often reminded to be a well-rounded student who is college and career ready for the next step after high school. But sometimes, it is difficult for students to know exactly what exactly that looks like, and how they should be preparing to be college and career ready.

AVID student Ayannah Olukayode states, “I have prepared for college as I researched different majors and colleges I was interested in, and the benefits if I decided to take them in the future.” It is beneficial for students to explore and research the many options available to them. High school is a great time to explore various career interests too as students can choose to take elective courses and become a part of various programs through many CTE career pathways to explore career interests to see if they’ll be a good fit.

For those who see college as their next step after high school, Kenwood’s AVID program helps prepare students for college by helping students not only improve on their studying and organizational skills but also helps them go through the process of getting into colleges. So far for this year’s senior class AVID coordinator Ms. Komorowski shares, “The AVID senior class has a combined 130 acceptances to 4 year universities with a current scholarship total of $4,273,712.00!”

Preparing for college and beyond isn’t just about preparing with the academic skills in high school though.  AP Teacher Mrs. Cooper adds, “The best preparation for college life is learning independence and organization now. In college, you are truly on your own–you must get yourself to classes on time, complete assignments, find time for group assignments (there are plenty), and find time to eat properly and get some rest. It’s not a 24-hour-a-day party. Learn to keep a calendar, challenge yourself to turn assignments in on time, and focus on your health–mind and body.”

As high school comes to an end, the freedom of adult independence is just around the corner but with it comes increased responsibility.

For those on the college bound track it’s encouraged to apply for scholarships early, around the beginning of junior year,  as it can lessen your financial aid load. Students are also encouraged in high school to participate in after-school activities to build their their resume for colleges and careers, showing that you are an involved student in your school community.

Though for underclassmen, it can be scary to already be thinking about what’s next after high school. But the four years of high school go fast. The best advice is to make sure to stay on top of your school work and grades, learn how to take good notes and develop a good study system. Staying on top of responsibilities will not only help you excel during high school but it will set the habits to succeed after high school.

Best of luck to our 2023 Seniors moving on to the next chapter!