Students Take Military ASVAB Test to Evaluate Options in Military Careers


Ramon Arrington

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is an assessment provided for free right here at Kenwood High. Students signed up now to take the test on February 21, 2023 at 9am.

The assessment is not only for the JROTC students but to all students at Kenwood. Not all schools offer the ASVAB to their students. It’s not required by Kenwood, but it is required by the United States Armed Forces to gain entrance into any of the military branches. More specifically, the ASVAB gives students insight into careers within branches of the government.

According to the military ASVAB site, “The ASVAB helps the Department of Defense not just determine whether you are a good fit to join the service, but also which service branch you might be best for and even what military jobs you can hold after you finish basic training or boot camp. The better your ASVAB score, the broader your options.”

In the past ASVAB has inspired a lot of students in Kenwood High School as they prepared for their next steps after high school. Kenwood’s College and Career counselor, Ms. Frankling shared, ”The ASVAB isn’t a requirement for any student, nor does it have an immediate impact on Kenwood as a whole. However, by offering the ASVAB here at Kenwood, we provide an opportunity for students to explore other postsecondary career and education options.”

Students tests are scored within two weeks and returned to their school counselor with career exploration options. Best of luck to our students that tested and are awaiting results.