College and Career Visits at School Gives Students Opportunity to Evaluate Options after High School


College and Career visits throughout the school year give students the opportunity to explore their various options after high school.

Asharia Olukayode

Here at Kenwood, we are all about preparing for college and for college readiness. One of the many ways that students can prepare for college is to take advantage of the College and Career visits that take place here at our school throughout the year.

College and Career counselor Ayanna Franklin helps organize these events for our school, making sure students get the best readiness they can achieve for gaining education after graduation. Mrs. Franklin shares, “During a typical College and Career Info session, we meet in the library and the presenter is able to speak to interested students, share digital media content such as videos, pictures, and websites or simply distribute print materials for students to reference later.” Students can get hands-on information from various colleges to help them improve their college search or prepare them for their search.

Though these college visits are to help the student body in preparing for their second-level education, most students may not see anything beneficial in going on the visits, or feel there may be no reason to go. But Mrs. Franklin adds, “The great thing about our weekly College & Career Info Sessions, is that they are not just all about college. The info sessions give students an opportunity to learn about a broad array of professional careers and the various pathways to those careers. Likewise, students are introduced to a diverse range of colleges and universities from all across the country.”

There are in fact many benefits to attending these visits and presentations. Students get a chance to meet many college advisors and can get started now doing something to prepare for their future.

Since September, Kenwood has hosted over thirty College & Career Info Sessions. These sessions have included colleges such as Towson University, Univ. of MD College Park, and York College as well as professional organizations such as the FBI, the Small Business Administration, and the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Though these sessions are very beneficial to upperclassmen, these visits aren’t just limited to one grade level. Mrs. Franklin adds, “The visits are directed to ALL students. There are a few that are grade specific. When that happens, I indicate that in my post and registration links.” Any information on wanting to sign up for these visits can be found on Kenwood’s Schoology page.

Kenwood student Cody Dixon enjoys the college visits.  “It gives me more information about the school and the people that go there.” He adds, “I do think it’s beneficial. The reason I think it’s beneficial is because you can get a view of different schools and what would be the best school for you.”

The next series of College & Career Information Sessions will kick-off on Wednesday Feb. 1st   and run through mid-April. Some of the scheduled sessions include presentations from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Lincoln University of Missouri, Southwest Airlines and the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts.

Students can look for sign-up information in schoology beginning on January 25th.