10 Things to Enjoy to Make the Best of this Holiday Season


The festive tree in Ms. Miller’s classroom.

Chigozirim Agommuo

Whether you’re someone who excitedly looks forward to the holiday season all year or someone who’s not that interested in the holiday season but wish maybe you could feel a little spark of interest in this festive time of the year, here’s a few ideas of holiday spirit for this final stretch of the season.


During Christmas time the air gets cold, morning dew starts to turn to frost on the grass, and when you breathe, you can see your breath as a white cloudy mist. It’s sweater and boots season, the season some look forward to the most. You can sit by the chimney and get warm and toasty as you see snow beginning to fall from the sky. Skies of blue now turn to gray, not the ugly kind of gray rain makes, but more like the whitish gray that fills you with comfort. A big mug of hot chocolate in your hands you sip snuggled under a blanket. The candles are going to fill the house in a warm vanilla fragrance. This time of year is best.

Gift giving

Families rush to stores filling their carts with toys and other little things to put a smile on their loved one’s and sometimes even strangers’ faces. You get gifts for those you love the most, big and small, just things you know they’ll love. You grab wrapping paper red, green and white, snowmen and Christmas tree pattern, glitter and more as the colors brighten your eyes. Seeing the smile on faces as they open what you’ve gotten them makes you feel warm. It’s the season of giving and love.

Gift getting

You rush downstairs to open your gifts, from mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, friends and other family members. It’s things you wanted and things you needed. Big and small but the thing that matters the most is the thought of it all. You get to add all your new stuff to your collection, make up your room, and every time you look at your gifts again you remember you are loved.

Gingerbread houses

It’s off to the market to get graham crackers and chocolate, frosting, sprinkles and other little goodies for you and your siblings to decorate your gingerbread house. You’re so excited to start making them on Christmas Eve so that you can eat them Christmas night with a cup of hot chocolate while watching that final Christmas movie of the season.

Christmas Eve

It’s the night to  stay up anxiously excited to see what is waiting for you under the tree. You toss and turn trying to get a bit of sleep because you can’t wait. You get up to get a glass of water while looking down from the stairwell at the tree. You see a big red box with your name on it, so you go down to shake the box to try to see what’s in it. You walk up and down you’re so excited to see what’s in this box, but you finally give up and try to get some sleep.


From far and near family come to see you, cousins, aunties, uncles, you name it, they’ve come to see you. You haven’t seen some in a few days, months, and possibly even years. You’re smiling ear to ear as they come up to your door. Warm hugs, familiar smells, everyone talking to someone. Everyone is happy and remember this is what it’s all for.


You and your friends will miss each other over break, but you’ll see each other after the new year. You facetime, text and call talking about plans you have for winter break. You make up time to go out and do something together. The movies, ice skating, shopping, gift buying and giving. All these fun plans to do while school is out.


Everywhere you go, whether it’s in your house, when you enter a car, maybe when you go into a store, but it’s all filled with Christmas music. All familiar songs you could sing forever and never get tired of. You hear it on the radio, and you hear it at the mall, you sing along because they’re all familiar. Everyone knows them, that’s what makes it so fun. It starts December 1st and ends December 31st. A full month of your favorite songs playing nonstop is so enjoyable.


Every time you open your phone, or go on television you see Christmas movie recaps- The Grinch, Home Alone, the Christmas Chronicles and more. You add them to your watch list, so you have ideas on what movie to watch during the Christmas season. One night the sun will set and the snow will fall, you’ll slip on your cozy socks on and settle in to watch your favorite Christmas movies with family.


Tree decorating

Whether you decorate the tree after Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve or the days in between, it’s a treasured tradition where everyone gathers around the tree to participate. Colors of red, green, gold and silver ornaments beam a soft stream of light as the tree is lit. Candy canes, snowflakes, and other little details are added to the tree. A big golden star is added to the tree, your favorite part. It’s so beautiful, the big golden star sits nicely on the top of the tree smiling at you. It puts it all together.


Whatever your favorite holiday traditions are we hope you have a joyous and restful holiday break and season!