Kenwood High’s Drama Club to Present the High School Musical Classic- Grease


Chigozirim Agommuo and Dwight Zeigler

Kenwood High School is set to present the classic high school musical Grease next week on Dec 8, 9, and 10 all at 6:30pm. Main Kenwood actors are junior Jasmine Mwangi playing Sandy and senior Clarence Johnson playing Danny. Both were a part of last year’s musical production of Guys and Dolls.

The play will first be presented to local elementary and middle school students for a matinee next Wednesday, December 7. For senior Clarence Johnson this is his second musical after joining drama his junior year after an injury prevented him from being able to play sports any longer. “It’s nerve wracking to perform in front of so many but I’ll miss it. Being a part of the musical productions has given me an opportunity to meet new people I otherwise wouldn’t have. As a senior I’ve gotten to step up as a leader and been like a big brother to the group as we prepare for production,” shares Johnson.

Grease is the high school musical production you don’t want to miss! Students can get in to the play for $5 for students and the general public for $8. Students have been preparing for the play since October with two-hour rehearsals after school, as well as working on memorizing their lines at home.

Grease is about a group of high school teenagers. There’s a group of girls known as the  pink ladies and a group of guys called the b birds. The play is set at their high school, Rydell High School. They all have been going to high school together for four years and the play covers topics like friendship and love.

Sandy is the new girl and she finds herself falling for the main man, Danny. But Danny still wants to be cool in front of his friends and act tough, so he’s afraid if he is seen with her his friends will call him soft. “It’s a coming of age story about peer pressure and following your heart,” shares Kenwood’s director, Ms. Taylor.

Ms. Taylor and music director Mrs. Chappell chose Grease because “It’s entertaining but it also points out things high school students have to go through like bullying, teen pregnancy, under age sexual activity, peer pressure, smoking, relationship violence, school fighting, drinking, ect. This shows others that are struggling with the same or similar issues that you’re not alone, and the audience may find this cathartic and helping,” adds Taylor.

Grease is a classic and great opportunity to come support the drama students of Kenwood. Doors open at 6pm.