Maryland Elects Its First African American Governor

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Wes Moore being the first African American man to be elected as Maryland Governor on November 8, 2022 marks not only an important day in history but an important day for African Americans in Maryland.

Many are excited to finally see more change in the government system, especially because of how people of color in power will understand the POC community more and actually listen to the struggles and attempt to fix them.

“I think Maryland electing its first African American governor Wes Moore is important to the state because we need to have more diversity in our government. We need to have someone in office that can recognize minority issues instead of ignoring them. I think Wes Moore will do a good job at fixing these issues,” add Kenwood junior Autumn R.

Wes Moore is an African American man who worked through his struggles as he grew up in Baltimore City to become successful. He didn’t fall to the street life. He went to school to become successful and change his family’s life forever. His campaign motto reflects his desire for all to succeed no matter where they start: “I believe no matter where you start in life, you deserve an equal opportunity to succeed,” he stated on the campaign trail.

Moore shows youth through not just his book The Other Wes Moore but not as an elected governor it is not about where you come from but about working hard on an honest path in life to reach your goals through hard work and dedication.  Moore did this as a Rhodes Scholar and author and entrepreneur, breaking the cycle of poverty for his family.

As well as creating motivation for the young generation of Baltimore youths he believes “Maryland is asset rich but strategy poor.” He has outlined a plan to combat climate change, as well as create more jobs and grow our economy. 

Youth, some who aren’t even able to vote yet, like many Kenwood students, are excited to see the election of the first African American into the Governor office. “I believe that Wes Moore being elected as the first African American governor of Maryland is a huge step for the state. It also gives motivation to the youth showing them that change is being made for their dreams to come true. But this is also sad because it should have never taken until 2022 to have the first African American governor of Maryland. We have to keep pushing forward from this opportunity and keep breaking down barriers that were made before our time,” shared Kenwood student Kenny G.

The inauguration of our state’s 63rd governor will take place on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. In a recent tweet by Governor Hogan he shared how he was pleased to welcome Governor-Elect Wes Moore to the State house and wants to ensure a smooth transition of power.

Congratulations to the new governor of Maryland Wes Moore.