Reminders for a Safe Halloween


T. Saylor

Mrs. Saylor, Ms. Innes, and Ms. Evans dressed as the Sanderson sisters for this Halloween.

Chigozirim Agommuo

Halloween is the time of year when kids of all ages dress up as anything they’d like, whether it’s something scary like a ghost or vampire, or something cool, like a butterfly or superhero many enjoy the opportunity to dress up.

 According to History. com trick or treating  has been “a tradition in the United States and other countries for more than a century”. As we head towards an evening of trick or treating be sure to be safe this Halloween. A couple tips to make tonight a safe and enjoyable night:

Make sure Trick or Treaters are Visual

Due to the fact that it’s at night and a lot of people will be out, make sure you and little ones are wearing something that can be seen at night. Whether it’s wearing a glowstick or carrying  a flashlight make your presents noticeable to the many cars that will be out and about in the neighborhoods tonight. 


Don’t go alone

Like most times, be sure to travel in a group. Not only is moving around outside in the dark in a  group of two or more people safer, but being with others will make the night more fun and enjoyable. Always be aware of your surroundings. 


Look before you eat

Check your candy before you eat it. There have been reports that people have been putting fentanyl in Halloween candy like nerds and skittles. Be smart and look before you eat as eating any food in the dark is probably not a wise idea.

Halloween is meant to be an enjoyable night for everyone at all ages. Be safe and aware and look out for not just yourself but others out enjoying the evening too.