Appreciating our Building Service Workers for National Custodian Day


Kenwood custodians- Ms. Stefanie, Ms. Cynthia, and Mr. Mark

Chris Wilkins

Sunday, October 2 was National Custodian Day, but BCPS and Kenwood building service workers deserve recognition all year round for the work they put into keeping our buildings clean and running.

Many jobs  changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and Baltimore County school building service workers are no exception.

Responsibilities of a building service worker include repairs and maintenance, unloading deliveries, and cleaning. The job is split into two shifts: one during the school day and one afterward. During the day, the worker addresses school building concerns, while keeping it clean, and after school lets out, the worker cleans each room to prepare it for school the next day.

Kenwood teacher Ms. Gauldin said, given that service workers are short-handed, appreciates all they do to keep schools open and running. “Our building service workers are friendly and nice people,” Gauldin said. “I know they want to do what they can for the students too.”

Service staff will deep clean rooms that have been in use by a student who tests positive for the coronavirus, and they work to disinfect areas to reduce COVID-19 spread as well. “There’s way more cleaning involved now. BCPS has added extra wipes, disinfectants and swiffers to our cleaning supplies,” Kenwood Building Services Supervisor Mr. Lovelist said. They are also called upon throughout the day to clean up day to day spills and messes that have always occurred in schools even before the pandemic.

Building service workers have been the “backbone” to keep students safe during the pandemic. Kenwood junior Genesis B. adds, “Though we all count on them to keep things clean and sanitary for us, we can all do our part to keep things sanitary by not making messes, cleaning up after ourselves, and wearing our masks to prevent leaving germs behind.”

We appreciate all the time and effort building service workers put in to our schools. Thanks for all you do.



*This story was original published on The Avenue News in February 2022