Kenwood Bluebucks Reward Incentive to Encourage Positive Behavior and Engagement


Samuel Thorton

Kenwood High has started the school year off with a new positive behavior reinforcement called the bluebucks system. 

The bluebucks incentive is a reward system where students earn fake money to spend on things like snacks and fidgets, school swag, and even big ticket items like sporting event and homecoming tickets. While some students may not like it, a lot of students like it because of the items they can get. Kenwood English 9 teacher Ms. Schneider shares, “Students can get snacks like ramen noodles and chips from the cafe at lunch.”

Teachers are encouraged to hand bluebucks out each period to students that are prepared and engaged in doing their assignments. “With all these new things like the phones and the bluebucks it can be hard to remember to hand them out because we get so into the lesson we forget to hand them out!” adds Ms. Schneider.

Some students hope that  Kenwood’s bluebuck system will last for a very long time. Sophomore Adam W shares, “I think it will last long term because I think students will like how they can get free chips and ramen noodles.”

The hope is that students will work hard to earn the bucks for to purchase free stuff. It’s like a reward system for students to pay attention and get off their phones. Almost all teenagers love food so the fact that blue bucks can “buy” food like real money is enticing to students. 

Though some may use their bluebucks to frequently buy snacks, the blue bucks incentive is also good practice for teenagers to save money and not spend the money as soon as they earn it. Whether students want to earn bluebucks for daily snacks or to save up for a bigger purchase it’s worth getting to class on time, putting that phone away, and getting focused on our studies. 

Kenwood’s FALS program students work the school store during all lunch shifts to assist in students cashing in their bluebucks.