Kenwood Welcomes the Class of 2026 for Early Entry Day


B. Powell

Over 300 incoming freshmen attended Kenwood’s Early Entry day on Thursday August 25.

Bree Tomlinson

As students start to grow older, high school can be this final passage of childhood they look forward to before adulthood. High school is much more different than what students experienced in middle school and that difference can be hard to get used to.

To help freshmen get acclimated to the change of high school, Kenwood welcomed 328 freshmen Thursday, August 25,  for BCPS’s early entry day. Ninth grade facilitator, Mrs. Saylor (formerly Ms. Miller) was the lead organizer behind yesterday’s opening day for Kenwood’s freshmen. BCPS started the early entry day for kindergarten, sixth, and ninth grade to help students get acclimated to their schools a few years before the pandemic, and it’s nice to see that tradition back for our incoming freshmen.

Kenwood’s principal, Brian Powell, is always excited to welcome a new class into Kenwood. “Early entry day for 9th grade students is always an exciting day and great opportunity for our incoming 9th grade students to become familiar with the building and their class schedule prior to the first day of school for all students!”

Though the day was set up to get students comfortable with knowing their way around the building and meet their teachers and peers, they also had the opportunity to learn more about the importance of grades in high school and the different expectations of high school, as well as all the extra opportunities from course selections and activities that they could get involved in through their four years here at Kenwood.

Incoming ninth grader Ayden Hurst found yesterday’s experience a great start to his high school experience. “This gave me a chance to learn and prepare for my future here,” he shared.

For incoming freshmen one of the most important things to emphasize about high school is the importance to prioritize grades. Staying on top of classes makes the high school experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Kenwood High School counselor Tracy Kramer learned this when she was in high school. “I wish someone had told me how important grades were but also how important learning the content is to life in general when you are older.”

Prioritizing grades may seem like you don’t have much free time to indulge in your own personal life. Recent Kenwood grad Aniya Alston worked while still thriving in school. She avoided getting stressed by scheduling her day out, “If I knew I had to go to work, I did my assignments directly after school, so I didn’t fall behind,” she shares.

Choosing the right group of friends to surround yourself with in high school can also be a big influence on a student’s success in high school. Having friends who are a good influence on you motivates you to do better in school. Kramer adds, “My social life played very much into my motivation to keep the grades my parents expected. I loved going to school simply because I got to see and hang with my friends.”

To help students find that right group of friends, incoming freshmen during their lunch on early entry day could check out the variety of clubs, organization, and sports Kenwood has to offer their students. Whatever your interests may be whether it be theater and performing, sports, arts and writing, or more Kenwood has something to fit everyone.

Incoming freshman Kaleah Johnson found the early entry day really helpful and is excited to start school on Monday. “Today was interesting and I feel ready for Monday,” she shared.

Entering high school doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.  Make good decisions, get involved, and surround yourself with good friends and you’ll have a fantastic high school experience.

Welcome, Class of 2026, we’re excited to have you here!