Students and Staff Jumping into Summer Vacation


Summer 2022 is here! It’s been so long since we’ve had a normal end of the school year and anticipated summer vacation it feels like we’ve been waiting a long time for this summer. 

After a long and hard school year that was filled with challenges as we moved towards returning to a more normal school existence since the pandemic, we all have a lot to look forward to this summer. Kenwood’s yearbook teacher Sarah Barr says, “I am looking forward to spending time with my family.’’ Many people just want to enjoy that quality time with their loved ones and friends, while others may choose to spend it by the sandy beaches that aren’t too far. 

Kenwood High student Makayla Shannon says , “I am mainly looking forward to going to the beach and going on vacation.’’ Whether it’s the beaches here, vacation somewhere, hanging in the backyard around pools and grills this summer, after this school year we all deserve a moment to enjoy ourselves in whatever makes us happy. 

As we approach the summer, we’re also approaching the traveling season. Kenwood High student Taylor Smith shares,’’ I plan on going to South Carolina for the 4th of July to spend it with my family who lives there.’’  Even with gas prices so high though there are many places not too far to visit. Ms. Glenn shares, “I like checking out the state parks. We visited Cunningham Falls a few summers ago for the day and that was a nice place. This year I want to check out Kilgore Falls.” While some might enjoy the local nature trails, others are looking forward to visiting their favorite amusement parks with Hershey to the north and Six Flags to our south. 

As nice as a day trip or vacation may be, summer is also a great time to relax and fit in some much needed self care days. Kenwood’s librarian and English teachers would definitely encourage students to try out some new books. Ms. Schmidt adds, “Come by in the next two days for summer check out – or sign up for the public library summer reading programs. With the Libby app you can get audiobooks and ebooks from the public library as well!”  Kenwood’s Environmental Club would encourage students to consider experiencing planting their own garden this summer.

Though summer is thought of as a chance for some down time, some teachers and students will be working over the summer. Kenwood’s AVID teacher Ms. Komorowski shares, “I am looking forward to summer. Though it is a great time to relax and rejuvenate for  me, I will be working over the summer. I run a summer camp through Empower4Life at a homeless shelter.”

Whether you’re using summer to travel, relax, make some extra money, try new things we hope everyone has a safe and fantastic summer. We’ll see everyone back on August 29!