Students Share their Talent at Open Mic Night


Ms. Pennington hosted Open Mic Night on May 4 in which nine students presented various performances.

Carmyn Harvin

Nicole Pennington, Kenwood High’s chorus teacher hosted an Open Mic Night at Kenwood on May 4. All Kenwood students, regardless of their experience, were welcome to come perform a song, recite a poem, or do standup comedy. Even though Ms. Pennington said, “We only really saw singing this particular Open Mic Night, everyone in attendance really enjoyed themselves.”

The Open Mic Night was also an opportunity for students to further express themselves in front of an audience. Ms. Pennington adds, “I think it’s amazing to witness how the other students support those students who are less confident and how their expression and creativity are be celebrated.”  Seeing other more confident students can encourage others to consider performing. There were nine student who participated in performing various acts throughout the night.

Events like this are also common in her Chorus program. “Kenwood Choral Idol”, better known as “KCI”, is a karaoke day for students in her classes where they are given the chance to sing whatever song they like for their classmates. Ms. Pennington adds that, “One of the reasons that the students who did show up were comfortable singing was because of our ‘Kenwood Choral Idol’ performances.”

This Open Mic Night, and others like it are great ways to grow students’ confidence in solo performances and a great way for them to have fun. There won’t be another Open Mic Night this school year, but Ms. Pennington assures that there will be plenty opportunities in the coming school years.