Kenwood Heads into Spring Break


Bree Tomlinson

Spring break starts just in time to get outdoors and enjoy the blooming of flowers.

Jada Simmons

As we’re approaching spring break many people tend to do all sorts of fun activities and travel to new places.  Some people plan to do spring cleaning, while others take a nice relaxing trip. 

Kenwood High teacher Patrick McWhorter says, “I am planning a trip to Mexico with my family.’’ While some love to travel during their Spring break, others find spending their break at home more enjoyable. Kenwood High student Zanaya Key shares, “For spring break I will be going outside and skateboarding.’’ 

With Spring break people tend to plan out their trip ahead of time so they can prepare. Sometimes it may be one month in advance or even six months to a year in advance. Planning ahead of time helps you with budgeting out expenses and gives you time to decide on how you will spend your time at your destination. Mr. McWhorter adds, ‘’This trip to Mexico had been canceled during the pandemic and we have rescheduled it for over spring break. Planning the trip usually begins months in advance, especially if it entails flying and figuring out all the small details.” 

Even if you haven’t made travel plans way in advance, sometimes you can find last minute deals on flights and hotels. 

There are many destinations that people would love to travel to and some are able to fulfill that, while others hope that one day it can be a reality for them. Many people have dream destinations that they one day hope to visit. Kenwood High teacher Sarah Barr says, “I would love someday to see all of the spring flowers bloom in the Netherlands, especially the tulips.’’ 

Whether traveling or staying home, Spring break gives people the opportunity to spend their quality time with friends, family, or even themselves. Having these few days to wind down and relax can be helpful not only mentally but also physically.

Everyone can always use a break from their everyday routines and busy schedules to enjoy themselves in hopes of reenergizing themselves to finish out the school year strong. Kenwood High student Marjorie Ventura says, “I think we all need a break from our daily routine to help with any stress we may have.’’  

This is a great time to catch up with friends, family and try new things that you may have wanted to do and just enjoy the break to make memories and explore new opportunities. Spend your spring break the best way you can that will allow you to come back refreshed and renewed.

We hope everyone has a fantastic and relaxing Spring Break. We’ll see back here at Kenwood on April 19!