Vote for Your Student Member of the Board this Thursday


Be sure to vote for your next Student Member of the Board on March 17.

Genesis Bonilla

Each year, BCPS students in 6-12 have the opportunity to elect a Student Member of the Board to represent all students county-wide. In early February, BCPS announced the two SMOB finalists, Roah Hassan, an 11th grade student at Perry Hall High School, and Masah Farh, an 11th grade student at Towson High School. Since then, both candidates have met with students across the county to share their campaign platform.

The Student Member of the Board’s main duty is to share the viewpoints of all BCPS students, while being consistent with the interest of all students. Junior, Amyah Davis, a BCSC member representing Kenwood, shared, “The SMOB is important because they’re the voice of students across all Baltimore County Schools.” Not only is the Student Member of the Board a voice for all students, but they also take on different positions like serving as an Executive Board Member of both Baltimore County Student Council and Maryland Association of Student Councils. Knowing your SMOB finalists is crucial, as one will be elected to represent you, as the 42nd Baltimore County Public School’s Student Member of the Board.

In both finalists’ social medias, they have expressed how they will uniquely represent BCPS students. Finalist, Roah Hassan, shared, “It’s important to realize, we have to put students first.” She continued by saying, “My entire platform falls into I want to amplify student voice.”

Finalist Masah Farh, also expressed, “I’ve seen disparities across BCPS. Students are waiting to be heard.” Both finalists are eager to hear and listen to the voices of BCPS students.

For the past month, students across BCPS have been following the SMOB election in order to choose the best candidate that amplifies their voice. Kenwood Sophomore, Amaya Freeman, expressed, “The next SMOB should be present and listen to students.” In order to meet the needs of students, SMOB finalist, Farh expressed that BCPS needs to “strengthen the complaint system” and “paint a better picture of American history.” These needs tie into her platform, which emphasizes the need for an improved curriculum and improved action on accountability. To learn more about Farh’s platform, visit her Instagram @masah4smob

The topic of school safety has been a leading issue across schools all over the nation. Sophomore, Autumn Rohe, shared, “I think school safety is a big issue that needs to be addressed.” SMOB Finalist, Hassan, agrees with that concern. “We have to talk about school safety. Something that isn’t discussed is sexual assault and harassment.” In a recent statement posted on Hassan’s account, the finalist shared, “I am done waiting for BCPS to address an issue they choose to dismiss and I am pushing to ensure that we begin a discussion around school safety that centers your (BCPS students) voices.” To learn more about Hassan’s platform, visit her Instagram @roah4smob

Both Finalists want to ensure that all BCPS students are being heard and represented. Finalist, Roah Hassan, adds, “I want students to know that I will be your most supportive leader. I want you to know that your voice is powerful to me.”

Finalist, Masah Farh, also shared, “We need this change, and we need genuine commitment on behalf of the board. I want to do that for all of us.”

To further ensure that student voices are being acknowledged, students are encouraged to vote for the next BCPS student member of the board on Thursday, March 17th. For more information on voting, head to BCPS’ website or either finalists’ social media pages.