Kenwood Adds Additional Counselor to School Counseling Staff


Kenwood’s new counselor, Ms. Nixon

Azreil Williamson

At the beginning of the new year, a new counselor started here to Kenwood High; her name is Ms. Nixon. She was very excited to come to Kenwood and come help the students out here.

She wasn’t always a counselor. “I was a teacher for two years and a substitute teacher for one year,” she shares. She taught social studies at Glenburg High School. She became a counselor when she came to Kenwood so this is her first year as a school counselor.

She wanted to become a counselor because she wanted to help students grow and find out what they want to do later in life after they leave high school.  “I like talking about student’s careers and helping put them on the right path.”

Ms. Nixon started at Kenwood in January. As Kenwood’s student population continues to grow she was brought on to help with the overflow of duties and assist with special projects. Next year though she will have her own case load.

She’s enjoyed her first few months here at Kenwood. She shares, “I feel welcomed by everyone and have enjoyed getting to know Kenwood!”