Two New Spanish Clubs Come to Kenwood


Bree Tomlinson

This past Fall, the Latin American Cinema Club led by Señora Reyes and the Spanish Club led by Señora Jelovac have started up at Kenwood High School. These two after school clubs are dedicated to the Spanish language and Latin/Hispanic culture. The clubs are open to everyone, even if you don’t speak Spanish, and want to have a more entertaining way to learn Spanish.

The Latin American Cinema club is a new club created by Kenwood High’s new Spanish teacher, Señora Reyes, who wanted to making learning about Latin/Hispanic culture more fun and interactive for students. The club watches movies in Spanish together chosen by Sra. Reyes who chooses movies she thinks will have a meaningful impact.

“The club idea came from a club at an old school I used to teach and wanted to implement it at Kenwood,” shares Sra. Reyes.

The Spanish Club led by Señora Jelovac has been around for three years and started back up again on Dec. 7. The Spanish Club focuses on many activities, such as cooking classes, watching videos and learning general culture, arts and crafts related to the Latin/Hispanic culture. Sra. Jelovac recommends students being above a novice level in Spanish, so you have an idea of what’s going on.

Sra. Jelovac wanted a club for students to expand their Spanish knowledge, and for students who already speak Spanish. “We wanted to have a space for kids who really wanted to continue their Spanish learning and also for the Spanish speakers who wanted to have a place to connect,” she shares. She believes the club will help them become global citizens. “In the club, they learn about Latin culture and how they celebrate holidays and traditions, but also basic things like music, food, and discovering what is out there.”

Both Sra. Reyes and Sra. Jelovac wants their clubs be open to anyone who wants to join. Sra. Jelovac feels that the connection factor is important, “They can connect with each other in the community, and we are trying to reinforce that everyone is welcome. Connecting to students/teachers who speak Spanish helps so they feel they have a space in our school.”

Sra. Reyes holds the clubs on Thursdays, and Sra. Jelovac plans on holding the Spanish club at least twice a month for the rest of the year. Due to all after school activities being virtual at the moment you can join either of these clubs virtually. You can join the Spanish club through Google Meets with the code JelovacSpanish. To learn more about the Latin American Cinema Club see Ms. Reyes in room 120.

These clubs are a great way to connect and learn more about the Latin and Hispanic culture right here at school.