Kenwood Musicians Return to the Stage


Donte Jones

Kenwood’s Men’s Choir getting ready for their upcoming concert on December 16.

Genesis Bonilla

After a year and a half on no concerts, the Kenwood Music department is getting ready for their first concert of the year. The holiday concert will take place on December 16th, featuring performances from Band, Orchestra, and Choir. Band and Orchestra director, Mr. Ladd shares, “It’s nice to have everyone back.”

Due to BCPS’ decision of moving completely online during the 2020-2021 school year, many orchestra students found it hard to improve on their music skills. Kenwood freshman, Sprout, who plays the violin, shared, “It (Online school) made my skills go down because google wasn’t my best friend.”

To be back on the stage performing with their instruments with their peers in front of a live audience is something so many missed and are looking forward to with the return to the stage on Thursday.Regardless of how the previous year impacted band, orchestra, and choir members, sophomore, Amaya Freeman, who plays the viola,  shares, “The previous year taught me how much I missed playing my instrument.” 

 This year, regardless of being back in person, the Kenwood Music Department is still taking precautions against the spread of Covid-19. Mr. Ladd shares, “All performers will be wearing masks as well as distancing on stage.” To further prevent the spread of Covid-19, concert tickets must be purchased online ahead of the concert. Mr. Ladd shared, “(Patrons) will be given assigned seats for the purpose of covid tracing.”

The Band, Orchestra, and Choir have bounced back strong from the pandemic break that hindered their playing time. Regardless of the absence of school concerts for a year and a half, Kenwood sophomore, Amaya Freeman, shared, “I’m excited to feel the anxiousness of playing for my family.” Kenwood freshman, Sprout, adds, “The vibe of playing together is just really nice.”

We are excited to further see the Music Department’s growth as the year continues. As students continue to adjust to playing back in person, it is important to recognize their hard work regardless of circumstances given by the previous school year.

 Music is meant to connect, regardless of distance. Sophomore, Amaya Freeman, shares, “Music is something that brings the class together.”

Make sure to come out and support Band, Orchestra, and Choir on December 16th at 6:30 right here at Kenwood!