Kenwood’s Mr. Powell BCPS High School Principal of the Year


Image provided via BCPS

Genesis Bonilla

Last night, April 19, BCPS at their Champions of Children banquet announced the winner of this year’s Principal of the Year, as well as their other champion awards.

Mr. Powell was announced as this year’s Principal of the Year! He was also recognized back in 2020 but due to the closing of schools for the pandemic the banquet and celebrations were cancelled. Kenwood parents, staff, and students cannot think of anyone more deserving of the award. Kenwood parent Chunk Lang adds, “So well deserved. This man is a tremendous role model for his peers as well as the students. I seriously cannot describe the positive impact he has on the school and the community.”

This is Mr. Powell’s seventh year as principal of Kenwood High. Though he is always in the halls to greet his students and staff, some may not have had the chance to get to know him really well.

Mr. Powell has been working with kids ever since he was about 15 years old, which is why he’s passionate about education. He shares, “It’s something that’s always been a passion of mine. And then both of my parents were in education as well. So, it’s really what was a driving force in me wanting to major in education.”

When he was nominated and recognized as Principal of the Year back in 2020 he shared, “My initial reaction was just so excited for the school because for me, that award was a school award. We all worked so very hard; our students, our teachers, our entire staff.” Whether you have gotten a chance to interact with Mr. Powell or not, he has constantly proven that he cares about the Kenwood community and is willing to work to rise above.

Mrs. Cooper has been working with Mr. Powell for four year and shares, “Mr. Powell treats students and teachers fairly. He truly thinks of us as his team.”

Every Kenwood student and staff is familiar with Mr. Powell’s iconic morning and afternoon announcement introduction. Kenwood senior Amyah Davis, shares, “I believe Mr. Powell has made our school environment better by making everyone feel welcomed with the morning announcements. I look forward to the jokes of the days because they’re corny and sometimes funny.” Mr. Powell’s iconic morning announcements truly have become a driving force that makes Kenwood’s school environment a better, more welcoming place for students and staff.

Outside of school, Mr. Powell adds that he is very passionate about sports and coaching. He shares, “Those have always been huge passions of mine. So, I would say, definitely sports and coaching are a big passion of mine because of the great opportunities those can provide for students.” At Kenwood, students and staff are very lucky to have a principal who even outside of school, continues to want the best for those who are a part of his beloved Kenwood community.

Mr. Powell continues to set the bar high as principal and a role model for Kenwood students. He shares this piece of advice, “What I would tell my high school self is to make sure that you listen to what teachers and your parents are telling you. There’s a lot of value behind the guidance that students get in high school.”

Congratulations to Mr. Powell, on a well deserved recognition. Thank you for your dedication to our Bluebird community.