Student Athletes Recognize the Character Youth Sports Build


Ky’Marah Clark, senior, demostrates leadership on the soccer and lacrosse fields, as well as in the classroom, as an exemplar of the character being a student athlete builds.

Aaliyah Whiting

“I believe in myself,” said Muhammad Ali. As a youth athlete that’s exactly what you must do. Most students must balance sport involvement along with class work and home responsibilities. As a youth athlete in high school, you are faced with challenges but also plenty of opportunities and positivity. Many believe that being involved in sports is something that a lot of high school students should experience because it helps form a student into a successful adult.


Taylor Glover, a freshman girls soccer player, shares “Sports have helped me develop friendships with teammates and feel part of a school family.” Playing sports made her transition to high school smoother as it allowed her to meet other people who were also just starting high school, along with upperclassmen.


Making friends and feeling like you belong is something that’s important for a teenager. It helps with building confidence and happiness. Athletes are often held to higher expectation because they represent their team and school. They are expected to not only do well in the sport they play, but to model acceptable behavior, along with keeping their grades up.


Being involved in sports teaches a student athlete about time management and self-discipline. Kelly Bailey, a junior wrestler, and boys’ lacrosse player shares, “My sport involvement doesn’t distract me from anything at home or at school. I see it as a side activity that I prioritize after schoolwork.”


Sports are also known to teach students to pursue their passions and work hard for their personal goals. Ky’Marah Clark, a senior girls’ soccer and girls’ lacrosse player, as well as one of the Bluebird’s Players of the Week, shares “Sports to me are more than just a hobby. I have a passion for the sports I play!” Sport involvement may seem like more on a student’s plate, but when you love what you do you’re motivated to work hard on the field and in the classroom to make your goals a reality.


Playing sports is something that shapes youth not just in the moment but for life as the skills they learn on the playing field or court transfer to the challenges of adulthood. Youth sports are helps a child in different areas of life by teaching them to be responsible, accountable, and a leader. Get your kids playing sports early and give them an experience that they can grow with through their school years.