Kenwood Grads Return to Work at Kenwood


Taylor Soutar assisting her student in taking class notes.

Ariel Simmons

At Kenwood the goal is always for the students to graduate and after to be successful in their life. But for some their goals of success brought them back to Kenwood as employers verse students.


Nechelle Wimbush graduated from Kenwood in 2019 and Taylor Soutar graduated in 2020. They have both returned to work at Kenwood in their FALS (Functional Academic Learning Support) department as assistants to students with disabilities. Their job entails them assisting students throughout the day in their transition from class to class and with their studies.


Taylor loved and enjoyed the atmosphere of Kenwood when she was here. “I have a lot of love for this place, and I wanted to specifically work with children with disabilities because my younger brother has autism and is non-verbal,” she shares. She is looking forward to her first full year back in the building of her alma mater.


Nechelle started working for Kenwood in the Fall of 2019 right after she graduated. She worked with the FALS program to get her student learning hours when she was a student at Kenwood. “I loved working with the students so much I decided to become an AA. I really enjoy coming to work and interacting with each student along with my coworkers.”


Kenwood and BCPS are always looking for assistants for their students and classrooms. Patient and compassionate individuals should reach out to their local schools to see if there’s a need for assistants.