Kenwood Art Teacher featured in BCPS’ Teacher as Artist Exhibit


Ms. Gavin’s oil painting that was on display for the Teacher as Artist Exhibit.

Austin Hewton

Ms. Gavin, a teacher at Kenwood High School, recently had her art featured  for the Teacher as Artist Exhibit. It was in the Superintendent’s Gallery in his Greenwood office from late August to mid-October. The artwork she created was an oil painting of local scene here in Maryland.

She was vacationing with her family in Chestertown, Maryland when she was inspired for the paining. “When I was taking the photo, I was mostly thinking about how beautiful the sunset was on the swirling clouds. However afterwards when I was painting it, I became interested in how the sky was only visible through leaves and vines. The vines are intertwined, bridging the gap between the trees. They are grabbing on to each other across the divide, holding tight,” she shares.

Gavin has enjoyed art since she was a young child .  She shares,In my life, art is a way to explore everything I find beautiful. I chose to make art because I enjoyed it and had an intense drive to become as good as I possible could at it.” Gavin is often a teacher her young students look up to as someone to keep pushing for the things you love doing. Kenwood’s Fine Arts Department Chair Ms. Cain adds, “Kenwood is extremely fortunate to have artist/teacher, Ms. Gavin. She facilitates a classroom environment that allows students to explore mediums and to develop their own creativity and personal style.”

Only a handful of BCPS art teachers were selected to have their work featured so to be chosen as one of the few is always an honor for an artist. She shares, “I love having my work hanging places. Looking at someone’s artwork is like window into their own personal world.”