The Attraction to the Horror Genre


Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore, Maryland.

Azreil Williamson

Horror is such a strange genre of media that leaves some wondering why do we really like being scared. There’s lots of genres of horror and mediums, but horror really is unlike any other genre of media so it’s interesting to wonder what makes people fascinated with being afraid.


Horror is consumed in many different ways, whether it be movies, books, or video games. Baltimore’s very own Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most well-known horror writers of all time. As Poe reminds us, “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” Kenwood’s English teacher Ms. Cooper is an avid Poe fan and loves this quote of his. “I like this quote of Poe’s because horror–at its finest–is every day. Take something normal and twist it into what might happen–that’s scary.”


A very popular genre of horror are slashers. Slashers usually include a killer stalking and murdering a group of people. Kenwood senior Riley says her favorite slasher films are the Halloween series, “The story of it is intriguing. I like Michel Myers too; his backstory is interesting.”


Sometimes it’s not just slasher horror movies that intrigue people but slasher games too. Kenwood sophomore Zian says his favorite horror game is Dead by Daylight, an online slasher type game where one person plays the killer, and four more play the survivors. He says it’s his favorite horror game “Because of the variety of killers, and if you’re playing the survivor it can sometimes be scary.”



Though many may think of books, movies, and video games as the preferred medium to experience horror, a medium you may not expect to explore horror is a board game. Spanish teacher Mr. Elkhe says he likes to play Zombicide with his kids. “I like the random chance, it requires strategy.”


People consume a lot of different types of horror, and that’s why it’s so great. What may not scare you might frighten the next person, whether it’s a movie, book, a video game, or even a board game, horror comes in many shapes and forms. Though the Halloween season is over, horror is a genre that is enjoyed by some all year long.