A Halloween Story-Weeping Souls


A little Halloween art for the day from Raymond Bermudez, Grade 12

Asharia Olukayode

The girl ran through the halls, the wailing and screeching catching up to her as the darkness enveloped the walls. She darted left and right, continuously ascending and descending the staircases but no matter how fast she ran or how quiet she was, she couldn’t escape the sounds of despair.

She came across a luminous staircase, descending into a pool of black. Hesitance filled her as she looked from the staircase to the hall behind her. Her skin turned pale and fear filled her head as the wailing got closer, tables and vases crashing about as it grew near. She wasted no time to descend the stairs, praying that the darkness would leave and could not reach her there.

She arrived at the bottom, trying hard to familiarize the shapes in front of her. She made her way through the dark, feeling around for a candle, a light switch, anything. But her entire body became stiff and frozen as she once again heard the wailing and screeching.

But it was no longer far, as she felt the tendrils of this thing wrap around her limbs tightly. She cried out and screamed, clawing on the stone floor until her fingertips were raw and bloody. She pleaded to the darkness, to this mass of negative energy, to spare her just this once.

But no answer or voice came from it, only the continuous cries as she disappeared into the black mess of darkness. The air finally grew still, everything quiet. Not a single mouse or critter disturbed this silence, for the weeping souls have gotten their comfort, and may finally rest at last.