Kids of Kenwood Mini Series: Genesis Bonilla


Azreil Williamson

Genesis is a young woman who aspires for change. She strives for intersectionality and general equity and equality for everyone. She isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, and will continue to voice them until she sees change.
Ms. Single says that Genesis is “…one of the most opinionated young women I’ve ever had to teach.” And Genesis isn’t afraid to share her opinion; in middle school she competed in a soapbox competition. She gave a speech about abortion rights and won third place which is very impressive.
Genesis also has big aspirations for the future. She shares,  “When I grow up, I hope to be appointed to the Supreme Court but before that, I’d like to be a law clerk.” She wants to change the government system from the inside because she sees its flaws. “I hope to someday be able to make a change in our governmental system, as it is extremely flawed. I hope to do this by working in a government sector some day.”
Genesis loves voicing her opinions because she knows it will help our society, “I’ve always loved voicing my opinions, as I feel it’s crucial to further our society.” To prepare for a career in law Genesis uses her schoolwork as a way to vocalize her voice. She adds, “I actively engage in voicing my opinions in essays and speeches in my classes.”
If there’s anything to take away from Genesis, it’s to continue to fight for what you think is right and always make your voice heard, because only then will we see real change. Whether you fight for something small or something big, taking action, whether that’s in a middle school debate competition or at the highest court, is the only way something will change.