Kenwood Adds Wheelchair Ramp to Front Lobby


Asharia Oluykayode

New wheelchair ramp in front lobby makes it easier for students and guests to get around the building

Asharia Olukayode

Here at Kenwood High School during the summer of 2021, a wheelchair accessible ramp was installed in the school’s front lobby that would make entering and exiting the school and heading to classes both easier and safer for wheelchair bound students.

 In Kenwood’s front lobby there used to be a wheelchair lift that was used for students to get through the main lobby and to class. But issues began to rise with the lift, as it constantly broke as they tried to raise a student on it which made it difficult for the students to get to class on time.

 Kenwood’s SPED specialist, Ms. Wright Greene, shares, “The staff collectively agreed that the students needed a faster and safer alternative to getting to class and entering the building, to ensure both the student and teacher’s safety.” They put the plan into action after a worried parent advocated for the ramp as well, expressing their concern with their child getting to classes and exiting the building safely.

 To add to the concern and need for the ramp being installed was that more wheelchairs bound students had begun to enroll here at Kenwood, so it was making it more difficult and time consuming to get the students to class.

On either end of the school, there are now safety and fire exits for wheelchair students. Ms. Wright Greene adds, “Now there are two additional exits in Kenwood’s MPR and in the school gym in case of a fire or evacuation. So now all around the school there are exits located at both ends and the middle of the building.”

There are no longer safety concerns for the students and staff, and now wheelchair bound students have an easier time entering and leaving the school building and the lobby looks quite nice with this new addition!