Show Recommendations for Your Summer Vacation


Taniya White

Summer is coming! With the current ongoing gorgeous Spring weather and things starting to open back up from the pandemic, sitting at home, binging Netflix may not be what we have in mind anytime soon. However, we all know as summer wears on it can get incredibly hot around here as this weekend’s 90 degrees is going to remind us.

So whether you decide to hide from the heat this weekend or later this summer if you haven’t checked out these Netflix shows we have you covered.

Jane the Virgin: This show came out in 2014 and has five seasons. This show is filled with drama, comedy, and romance. I highly recommend it. The writers did an excellent job with making the audience feel connected to the characters. At the end of every season, it kept me coming back for more. I even re-watched it a couple times. Jane is the main character. She is a 23-year-old who is studying to be a teacher, and everything is good in her life until one doctor makes a mistake that will change her whole life.

Ginny and Georgia: This show debuted a few months ago and was a huge hit. I enjoyed this show and was upset when there was only one season. But there will be a second season! This show is filled with drama, romance, comedy and can be emotional. Ginny, her mom Georgia, and her little brother move a lot because of the men in her mom’s life. Ginny never really likes any of the places until one day where the show begins she found a place where she starts to make friends. As she navigates those friendships and her relationship with her mom there are several adolescent life lessons she learns, and the end will leave you waiting for the second season to come soon!

All American: If you love high school football this is the show for you! This is by far one of the best shows I have watched! This show is filled with sports drama and emotions about coming of age but also race. I feel connected to this series because I can relate to things that happen, especially with everything that is going on in this world today. I feel for these characters, and it makes you feel like you know them. Spencer, who is the main character, gets a chance to make it out of the rough neighborhood he was born in to. Throughout the show he has adapt to this different environment and on top of that his father comes back in his life. But when his old neighborhood school is threatened to shut down, he feels like it’s his duty to stay and fight for it. He has this passion for football but also his family and friends.

Vampire Diaries:
If you’re into the supernatural Vampire Diaries is the series for you. This show has eight seasons, and it gets more interesting every season. The vampires live in a human world in which some humans know of their existence but others don’t. There’s also werewolves, hybrids, witches, and immortal beings so the relationships get complex as the story line develops. With each new season there’s something new that the variety of characters have to overcome.