Kenwood Artists Featured in Local Art Show and Baltimore Museum of Art Exhibit


Artwork from freshmen Aniya S.

Fiona Sinphavong

The pandemic was not about to stop Kenwood artists from creating art or showcasing their incredible art talent. The annual Kenwood Art Show still went on this year, though virtually. Five Kenwood artists were also selected to have their artwork featured in the BCPS and Baltimore Museum of Art “Art is for Everyone” Exhibit.

Art is expressed in numerous of ways. Through music, writing, designing, illustrations, and overall, any creative involvement. It takes not only talent, but abstract thinking to create a piece that can be interpreted  differently. Our surroundings are inspiration and our artistic minds are the tools to express our perception. “It helps me be more creative and inspires me to look at life in a different way,” shares Kenwood artist Abigail Overby who has art featured in the Kenwood Art Show and literary magazine.

Artwork by junior Kayleigh E.

Artists’ efforts within their work deserves to be recognized and because of this, art museums and art shows are established. Those who observe the showcased art pieces get a peak of the artists’ minds and hearts as the artists touch the spectators’ emotions and curiosity. Established art museums and shows are visited by many. It all shares its commonalities such as choosing different artists’ work, deciding on the different placements of the work, and confirming if it embodies the overall aesthetic field. The atmosphere of art showcases are important to make visitors more invested with the piece.

With the pandemic of COVID-19 striking in 2020, not many public art showcases were open. This has changed things and forced people to find alternative ways to share either their own art or others. At Kenwood High School, an art show was established by our fine arts Department Chair, Ms Cain. Ms. Cain shares, “The pandemic has really changed the way we planned for The Northeast Area Schools Spring Art Show.”

Artwork by sophomore Amiyah S.

Previously, Kenwood would host an evening art show in the gym every spring. Every feeder school of Kenwood was allowed to attend and participate. Art teachers from each school would select an artwork they wanted to share for this event. In the gym, art teachers would gather to be involved with the art show. The art show would feature students from pre-k to AP and IB seniors. “The entire community was invited to attend, and the turnout was always amazing! The gym would be packed with families. They would participate in art activities, a photo booth, and could buy dinner from chick-fil-a, who set up a station in the gym lobby. But for now, we must share our art show virtually.”

Ms. Cain collected all the feeder school’s artwork through Google Drive and then used Adobe Spark to create a slideshow with all the student work, and then published it here on Youtube. The show is shared on Twitter, by email, school websites, and on Schoology. In a year of adjustments it was the best way to get student artwork out there. “The MAIN goal of these shows is to celebrate the art students who go to school in the Northeast Zone. We want everyone to see the amazing work they create throughout the school year. We feel we represent our school communities well.” Ms. Cain adds.

Artwork by senior Luke V.

The similarities shared amongst art showcases are prominent. The specific aesthetics and its common purpose of showing different art pieces for everyone to see. However, art is more than just giving entertainment to the public. “Art has the ability to share ideas, make you think, call attention to social justice, tell stories, and sometimes art is just pretty! Creating art can also be therapeutic, and that has come in helpful during the past year! This year, we are showcasing artwork that was created mostly at home and with limited supplies!” adds Ms. Cain. Investing in the thoughts and ideas of a piece of art is what truly art showcases encourage visitors to do and that, is also art in itself.

Ideas are not limited, and art has no restrictions, making every artist and their work stand out without outshining others. Everyone has their own definitions of art and to Bryn Lang, “Art is a way to connect to other people and myself. I like sharing the things I make that I’m proud of with others, so that’s a big part of art for me.”

Artwork by junior Kayla S.

The love for art is everywhere and whether that is from a observer’s point of view or an artist, and it’s the engagement in that piece whether as the artist or the observer that makes art impactful for all. Though students had to showcase their art differently this year, Ms Cain looks forward to what’s ahead, “We look forward to in-person art shows next year!”