Why Kenwood is a Great Choice for your High School Experience


Julianna Ortiz c/o 2020

The Hollywood style sign Kenwood carpentry students built for their campus.

Eliza Brown and Gabriel Bowie

Most students think of college as the time you get to choose your school, but in Baltimore County some students have a choice to make when it comes to what high school to attend. With almost all BCPS schools offering specialized magnet programs, incoming eighth graders often apply to schools outside their assigned zone school. Some choose to leave their zoned school for a specialized opportunity in another school. Just like when it comes to deciding which college to attend, some find themselves torn on what high school to select for their four-year high school experience.

You never know what new challenges you’ll take on in class at Kenwood.

Here at Kenwood, we think it’s important for every eighth grader to know why they should choose Kenwood when making that high school choice for these memorable four years. Kenwood is a school known for our excellent staff members and our great sense of community. “Kenwood has been the best choice for me. The variety of elective courses I’ve been able to take presents opportunities to get a different perspective or point of view. I’ve been able to build great relationships with my teachers,” shares junior Haleigh R.

Kenwood Principal Brian Powell adds, “We are just one big family who come together to help our students reach their full potential. We take PRIDE in all that we do; our staff members are diligent in providing our students the guidance where needed and to provide our full support. Competitiveness is strong in the Kenwood community as we coach our students so that they can reach their goals after high school and be as competitive as possible in their college and/or career choice.”

Senior interview day prepares Kenwood kids for the next chapter..

Kenwood offers students a wide variety of experiences through CTE opportunities, elective options, and after school organizations. These opportunities attract many different students to the school. Kenwood student, Christian shares, “It’s truly a diverse place and accepting of everyone. When you come here you don’t have to work to be accepted; you just are as soon as you walk through those doors.” Whether it’s sports, the arts, trades- there’s something for everyone at Kenwood.

Kenwood art students are the artists behind the murals throughout the halls at Kenwood.

Kenwood offers two magnet programs: Sports Science Program and IB (International Baccalaureate) program. They also offer a wide range of CTE programs which include Graphics, Carpentry, Plumbing, Child Development, Culinary, Career Research Development and Work-Based Learning, Engineering, Computer Science, and our new Aviation program, along with AFJROTC. If you’re into student leadership and community service, environmental science, or writing, we have wonderful after school organizations like Kenwood Cares, SGA, Kenwood Publications, and K.E.N club, which offer great opportunities to explore your interests and expertise.

Kenwood’s IB program is one of Kenwood’s two magnet programs. (Tara Spinelli)

Kenwood’s SGA is recognized as one of the best in the county. Our K.E.N Environmental Club has led the way in the county with a pilot composting program. If you want to see your writing published, Kenwood’s Journalism and writing programs can help make it happen.

If you’re looking for a place to explore your love of the arts, Kenwood’s Theater and Drama Club has you covered with two performances a year, including one musical with our well-established music department that also puts on several of their own choir and instrumental concerts each year. If it’s not performing arts you’re interested in, but other artistic expressions, you can explore many options in our art classes here at Kenwood. Secondary Arts Teacher of the Year and Kenwood Fine Arts Department chair, Ms. Cain will help make sure your artwork is seen around the community and county in various art shows and also around the building as Kenwood artists are the ones to beautify our walls.

Tradition is strong at Kenwood, starting with the Homecoming tradition complete with our own community parade. We host many traditional high school events like senior nights for our athletes, dances, ring ceremony for our juniors, theater productions, National Honor Society inductions, but also a Senior Inauguration, college signing day event, and farewell and scholarship ceremonies.

Senior signing day is a fun tradition for seniors at Kenwood.

Kenwood is a very hands-on school where we help kids become great or even greater. “We pride ourselves to being the best that we can be for our students and making sure they feel comfortable and welcome in our school. Kenwood is the school to go when you want to join a community of people who want to see you succeed. We expect more, strive for more, and rise above,” shares Mr. Powell.

SGA members meeting with SMOB Omer Rashid on February 19, 2020 in front of the new gym doors Kenwood graphic students designed.

Whether an administrator, teacher, or student, the sense of community at Kenwood is strong. “I love that I can be me. No one judges or cares what I am like or what my interests are. Of course, not everyone aligns with me, but that’s fine as no one judges me either. As for myself I believe that Kenwood is a school of opportunity that allows you to do what you’re interested in. They provide you with the resources to accomplish your goals paired with the fact that no matter who you are, you will be accepted and feel welcome. You will be able to find people and groups who have your same interests and hobbies and making lifelong friends,” shares Kenwood student Angelina.

If you’d like to call Kenwood your high school home, we’ll be awaiting your arrival with open arms, hearts, and minds. Hope to see you in the halls of Kenwood!