Teacher Appreciation Week: Recognition Beyond the Lessons


Graduate Julianna Ortiz

Kenwood students appreciate all the work their teachers put in above and beyond the daily lessons.

Daja Lane

Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off today, May 3. Teacher Appreciation Week is a week long celebration to recognize all the work educators do for us. Teachers in so many ways go above and beyond for their students.

There is a lot that comes with being a teacher, and there are a lot of things they do that they do not have to. Kenwood has those teachers who treat their students like their own children, who makes sure all their students are doing the best they can, those teachers who are VERY patience, and OF COURSE those teachers who take their time out of their day to make sure students are doing okay outside of school, especially during this past year.

As a Kenwood student, I can speak on the experience of how a lot of our teachers try to create bonds with their students, go above to get to know their student better, and just to understand where their students are coming from.

Our teen years can be some tough years, and outside of school a lot of students go through more than most can image, but to have those teachers that students can go talk to them because they trust them is a big blessing and worthy of appreciation every week, not just this week.

Teachers do so much more than they have to, but they do because it’s obvious they care so much about their students. Teachers make a big impact on students and as students we don’t only appreciate them but we admire them as well!

To our Kenwood teachers- thank you today and every day for all that you do!