Finding Motivation to get Through the Final Stretch of this School Year


Ms. Forman

Kenwood’s SGA preparing to welcome students back to the building to finish up the 2020-2021 school year.

Fiona Sinphavong

All the goals we want to accomplish requires the feeling of motivation- the passion to drive one closer to their accomplishments. With the circumstances of the pandemic and having to stay inside isolated for over a year now, motivation has been one of the hardest feelings to be felt by the majority. Students and even teachers are struggling to get through this difficult time of staying home and now transitioning to a hybrid schedule. The wandering question remains of how do we stay motivated for not only circumstances like this, but for the final stretch of the school year?


Teachers and students are feeling the common struggle to motivate themselves to get through this final stretch. Teachers are experiencing a new way of teaching students, and students are experiencing school and learning differently than their previous years. Throughout any year but especially during times like now, hardships occur. During challenging times, it’s very easy to experience feelings of not wanting to do another assignment, test, or even teach and grade.

School counselor Ms. Strzegowski reminds all students, “”When you are feeling in a motivation slump, ask yourself: What is getting in my way? If you can pinpoint the reason (or even if you can’t!), talk about it with an adult or a trusted friend! Let yourself feel your feelings and move to focus on your strengths. What do you do well? How can you use this to push yourself? Demand the best from yourself. Don’t let your failures cause you to lose enthusiasm. There are only two months left of school…Finish strong! Nobody can stop you but you!”

The lack of motivation is something all teachers and students have felt before. When work we need to accomplish sometimes drains us, how do we deal with feeling unmotivated and how does a lack of motivation affect our day to day lives?

Angela Glenn, a writer and teacher at Kenwood High School, shares, “I always feel better about myself, life in general when I am productive. A sense of productivity motivates me to accomplish more.” Our emotional response to past accomplishments or lack of accomplishments can play a major role in motivating us to tackle our other tasks whether that’s work or schoolwork.

Priya Samaroo, a senior student at Kenwood High School, adds, “When I often feel very unmotivated, it affects me greatly.” Many seniors can agree to feeling this way as well, especially during the pandemic currently, as it is preventing them the opportunity to fully experience their senior year. Motivation has always been a concern in education and the work force as it can be the blockage to achieving the goals we want to reach.

Kenwood senior school counselor Mrs. Holland reminds her seniors almost daily, “You are in the FINAL chapter of your senior year of high school! More than any other senior class, you have had to overcome so many obstacles. I just want each and every one of you to know that I firmly believe each and everyone of you can do this! I cannot wait to watch you walk across that stage in June!!! YOU’VE GOT THIS!!”

Seniors, as well as many other students, have had to battle negative emotions to stay motivated throughout this year. However, “negative” emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger are meant to be felt, including the feeling of being unmotivated. Recognizing the hardships and accepting these valid feelings, can help students move on to reestablishing their motivation. Feeling unmotivated is bound to happen to everyone at some point, so the best action to take from that point forward is to try. Try your best to not allow negative feelings to prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Even just tackling small tasks can help you feel accomplished which will motivate you to accomplish more.

Glenn encourages students to remember, “Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. Hard times are short-termed, but life is a constant cycle of highs and lows. You are going to have periods of high motivation and other where you’ll lack motivation.”

With motivation, or lack of, heavily affecting our lives at this time, the struggle to finish this school year strong is harder than most years. Priya Samaroo adds on, “You got to have something that drives your passion.”

There are external surroundings that can keep someone inspired to strive further and learn the value of motivation. Sometimes it’s rewards but sometimes it’s people too that motivate us to reach our goals.
Destinee Pate states that her sister motivates her due to her positive influence and teaching Pate to embrace the emotions of sad or anger. Pate’s mother teaches her to be able to have strength and not be afraid to ask for help. With the lessons that Pate was taught by important figures in her life, she adds, “I think motivation is important because if you have certain goals you won’t be able to reach them if you aren’t properly motivated. Sometimes just to have motivation to start to do the bare minimum can really take you far.”


Overall, motivation is valuable as it keeps us moving forward to fulfill our plans. Without it, it will make even daily tasks more difficult to do. In order, to be motivated within our daily lives, we must appreciate the work we’ve accomplished and be patient with ourselves. Reflect back on what all you have accomplished in this strange year, pat yourself on the back, and propel yourself forward to finish the year strong.