Dear Peers, Success is On Us


Laila Lucus, Senior

As teenagers we’re often asked what does success mean to us? How would we define success? As seniors we have to write a whole essay about it.

Success means surviving through things that most people think you can’t. Success is a life you need to love in order to get the life you want. Success is to stop running from it. Some people don’t ever know how close they are to success until they are far removed from it. Success is not something that is given to us when we’re born. Success is something we earn.

We cannot rise up until we have been down. You can’t succeed without believing that YOU CAN.
Success is not someone pushing you. Success is something you push yourself to go get and once you get it you can’t be average!

You have to strive when people tell you you’re not going to make it. You have to push yourself even when people doubt you. Success is something that even once you get it you don’t ever stop! Success is an ongoing cycle to keep going .

“I can! I will! I must!” You have to have the three determinations of Can, Will, Must to not only reach where you want to go but to stay there.

Today is the only thing you can control. You have to push everything you have that is in you. Success is a mental state. Success will show how tough you are mentally and emotionally because you will feel like giving up. But it’s when you keep going that you head towards succeeding.

If success was easy it wouldn’t be rewarded. But it’s not the success that necessarily makes us great, but the journey to get there. But once we make it there don’t stop because part of success is in our ability to keep going.