AVID 12 Students Rise Above to Help Their Community


AVID 12 students collect coats for those in need.

Jazmin Gonzalez

Any normal class can have an impact on their community. Kenwood class that has recently done just that is the KHS AVID 12 class run by Ms. James.

AVID is a course that helps you figure out your potential and future while still being able to still live in the moment of high school. Although things have changed over the past year and AVID has not been able to work in person all the time as before, students were still planning and partaking in projects.

As we are all aware lots of people are going through tough times right now and need a little extra help. To help those struggling, AVID 12 students organized a donation to HBCEC shelter. “Students collected toiletries like shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. When I delivered those the director of the shelter they said they were in need of coats and within two weeks AVID 12 students had collected about 60 coats,” AVID 12 teacher Ms. James proudly shares.

AVID 12 students collected tioletries donations for local shelter. (Robin James)

Ms. James shares that projects within AVID were “always more of a legacy project- a chance for students to leaving their mark. But this year we had to venture outside of Kenwood and the students themselves decided which parts of the community they wanted to serve.” Although the pandemic brought challenge after challenge, the AVID 12 students weren’t going to let that stop them from helping their community. “Students collected the items and we had six students who wore masks and worked in a socially distanced manner in a large room at Kenwood to organize all the donations.”

AVID 12 students organizing donations (Robin James)

Not only did this project help those in the community and the homeless but it also helped students realize so much about the real world and how we daily can help shape it. “When I started AVID in tenth grade I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but later down the line I realized that AVID really helped me. They helped me with classes and improving on my writing skills, but also being a part of this group and contributing like we recently did means more than ever. I finally get to help others and still be able to grow personally,” shares Sofiat Soyemi, AVID 12 student.

Projects like this educated students about the harsh reality of COVID and how we all can help others during difficult times. Sofiat shares, “This project made me realize how real the effect of the pandemic was on others. Seeing people struggle with daily things like hygiene or shelter breaks my heart. No one should go through this in their life, and that’s why even helping out a little can do so much for another person.”

AVID 12 students ready to deliver their donations to the local shelter (Robin James)

The valuable and memorable experiences a student gets in AVID helping others is something that will extend way beyond their time in high school. Sofiat adds, “It doesn’t take much to make a difference. If more and more students contributed little by little then by the time you know it more and more people in need would be helped.”

AVID is a course that isn’t just about getting a credit but rather a chance to experience engaging with your community and helping others in their time of need. While it is a class to build your study skills and make sure your grades are on point while teaching you about college and your future, don’t forget it’s also a great opportunity to learn and experience not only the potential within yourself and what you can do but also the potential the world has and how you can bring it out.