Kenwood Sports Set to Resume


Coach Krumholtz

Friday Night Lights and other sport competitions set to begin Friday, March 12.

When the threat of Covid-19 emerged in Maryland a year ago, athletics was cancelled. Though there was various talk of restarting high school athletics several times, school systems kept postponing or cancelling seasons of sports throughout this past year.

This really affected athletes since they were looking forward to playing their beloved, fun sports, especially seniors. For seniors like Desiree M this is their last chance to play high school sports. “I am excited to finally begin my senior season,” she states. “Sports help me remain focused. Without them I have no idea what I would do with my free time.”

Though last year’s seniors lost their Spring sports season, this year’s seniors anxiously awaited the opportunity for their fall and winter seasons. The long awaited approval was finally given for sports to resume with practices starting on February 13. Fall games were originally scheduled to start on Friday, March 5, but competition amongst teams was delayed until this coming Friday, March 12. Junior Lisbeth I is ecstatic to start her first year for the Kenwood girls soccer team. “I know a lot of students have been stressed with online school and disappointed with many school events being cancelled, so sports are something for students to relieve stress. I am  very happy that I’m going to play for the first time here at Kenwood,” she shares.

Some athlete’s felt their mental state impacted. Sports and competing make people happy and it gathers people together in general, and that companionship has been greatly missed this past year.  With no sports, many struggled with their motivation for everything else. Junior multi athletes Jessica L shares, “Sports are something that I use to escape and relieve stress from school and other issues. Without sports I would be extremely unmotivated and procrastinating all the time.”

Even with everyone excited about the news of sports resuming, there are also questions on how sports are going to work while Covid-19 is still around. Kenwood High School’s Athletic Director, Coach Ruocco, shares, “Many protocols are now in place to keep student-athletes, coaches, parents, and officials safe. There are things such as universal masking and face coverings, disinfecting of equipment, staggered practice times, playing within in pods.” At this time, there is 1 spectator allowed per athlete, according to Coach Ruocco and “the COVID-19 metrics are trending downward and with mitigation efforts it is considered safe to play.”

Kenwood’s sport season kicks off with your Bluebird Football team taking on Chesapeake at 6pm Friday, March 12. Everyone else starts next week with girls soccer team playing against Chesapeake at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, March 16. The boys soccer team will have their first match up against Dundalk at 4:00 pm on March 23. Volleyball will also take on Dundalk at 4:00 on March 23. Cross Country will run against Dundalk on March 24. To check out the most up to date schedule for the mini Fall season go to . The shortened Spring season will begin on April 17.

Coach Ruocco knows student athletes are excited about the return to their sports. He shares, “The resuming of sports means to me that students can start to re-engage with their friends, teammates, coaches, and just start to enjoy the camaraderie that they have been missing out on the past eleven months.”

The return of high athletics is like coming home to family after a long departure. Kenwood student athletes can’t wait to play once again in their stadium and on their court.