Dear Governor Hogan, Our Teachers are Educating Us


Emily Overby

Dear Mr. Governor Hogan,

Our teachers have been working really hard to make this year as good as any other. Teachers have made learning into games, given us surveys to give them feedback so they can better teach us, and mastered so many other things to engage us in learning.

Just like us students our teachers had to adapt. Not only did they have to adapt, they had only days to do and then be able to help students do it. Just like us they are learning to do all their work on computers. Even more they’ve had to learn how to teach us through computers. They have been blamed for so many things they have no control over.

Each day they stare at a blank screen because students don’t turn cameras on, but when they do they let the students know it is the highlight of their day to see them. They want to see us!

The other day you said something quite hurtful- that students have not gotten an education this year. Well, let me politely tell you why you are wrong.

Not only have teachers been educating us on the material in the class, but they have also taught us how to adapt to situations we aren’t used to. I know how to use google meet and all sorts of digital tools that we had to learn right along with content, but I could not have learned any of it my teachers had not taught me how.

We are learning valuable lessons, not just our school work. Our teachers have had to learn, and then teach, and deal with computer problems, and still help us with things we need help with. We are getting an education, and if it weren’t for these amazing teachers we wouldn’t.

So please don’t say such hurtful things to people who have been working so hard to give us the education we need.


A well educated student