KHS Teachers Battle it Out Over NFL Playoffs


Jayden Glass

It’s NFL Playoff season at KHS and with not much else going on, we are very much looking forward to it. This year several of the staff’s favorite teams made it with the Chiefs return to the playoffs after last year’s Superbowl win, our beloved Ravens, our neighbor’s with the Washington Football team, and even the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns fans have their teams to cheer on through the playoffs this year.

Mr. Powell was sure to remind his KHS staff that his team, the Washington Football team, was making their appearance in the playoffs for the first time in his tenure as leader of KHS. He had high hopes for his team. “I expect them to shock the world… a terrific defense, especially the defensive life. A great comeback story in Alex Smith and Coach Rivera overcoming cancer and an entire team that is extremely together and motivated!” But unfortunately, Mr. Powell’s playoffs dreams for his team met their end Saturday night in their 31-23 loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He’s not the only KHS staff that feels pretty strongly about their teams’ chances in the playoffs. Prior to the Steelers shocking loss against the Browns, Steelers fan Ms. Humphreys was sure of their chances. “Yes, go Steelers! I expect them to WIN WIN WIN the superbowl. They have experience, determination, and a FANTASTIC fan base -STEELERS NATION FOREVER!!”

But we all saw that 48-37 loss Sunday night. Ms. Single was so sure they’d pull out it against the Browns too. “My Steelers stopped their losing skid and made it in to the playoffs. I expected them to win against the Browns.” But despite their disappointing loss, it doesn’t change Ms. Single’s dedication to her Steelers. “Steelers nation for life!”

Kenwood athletic director, Coach Ruocco, isn’t really a Browns fan but he is a huge Nick Chubb fan. Sometimes it just takes a certain player to make you a fan of the whole team making a run in the playoffs. “To me Nick Chubb is the best Running Back in the NFL. He’s very underrated because he’s humble and let’s his great play do the talking. Also, he’s a great team player as he splits playing time with a very talented back-up and would never complain. This season he came back from a serious injury because he was very dedicated and disciplined about his rehabilitation. Watching him the last few weeks he’s playing better now than he did before the injury! I think it’s unlikely the Browns will beat the Chiefs but they do have some talented skill position players (RB’s and WR’s) that are capable of some big plays.”

English teacher Mrs. Vanmeter is not a football fan but will be cheering for the Browns because her husband is such a devout fan. She shares, “In the middle of the night a few year ago, I woke up to him putting all his Brown’s gear in a box. I guess he gave up on them, but I am waiting to see if that jacket I got him makes a reappearance this week!”

On the other side of the spectrum our teachers wearing purple last weekend and this coming weekend have hope for their Ravens. “Go Ravens! I expect them to win 1 or 2 games. I don’t expect them to go to the Superbowl, but it wouldn’t be a shock…. Lamar Jackson is playing great which gives us an advantage over most teams not named chiefs,” said dedicated Ravens fan Mr. Kern. He’s not the only Kenwood teacher holding out hope that maybe Jackson can lead the Ravens to the Superbowl. “I think the Ravens have a good chance of making the Superbowl but in a one game playoff anything can happen,” added Mr. Avampato.

School counselor Mr. Grubka is a Buffalo Bills fan. He shares, “The Buffalo Bills, Super Bowl or bust! Josh Allen, how can that not be the edge needed with such a great first name.” Mrs. Glenn grew up in Kansas City and is hoping for a return to the Superbowl for her Chiefs. “With a husband that is a die hard Steelers fan I’ve spent the last fifteen years or so watching them make so many trips to the playoffs I lost count, but now that my team is doing so well again I was so looking forward to a faceoff between the Chiefs and the Steelers to get into the Superbowl. But now that the Steelers are out, I’d love to see my team go against the Ravens to get in. The Orioles and Royals had to face off to get into the World Series back in 2014. I’d love to see the football version of my two favorite cities match up this year.”

With two KHS favorites out- the Steelers and the Washington Football team- it’ll be interesting to see who is still left after this weekend. Saturday night at 8:15 the Ravens match up with the Buffalo Bills. Sunday at 3:05 the Cleveland Browns go to Kansas City to take on the defending Superbowl champs. Two of KHS’s teams will be out and two will be left to match up in the AFC Championship next Sunday January 24.

May the best football team win!