Kenwood School Counselor Retires After 18 Years

Mrs. Bradley's last Kenwood High school picture.

Mrs. Bradley’s last Kenwood High school picture.

Alaysha Alvez

Kenwood High School has a large number of students; therefore, we’re allowed five School Counselors.
But sadly this year, we are saying our goodbye to one of Kenwood’s beloved school counselors, Ms. Bradley. Ms. Bradley will be leaving Kenwood High in January 2021 after eighteen years at Kenwood to retire.

“The past several years, Ms. Bradley has been a counselor for the ninth grade, so she was the face that has welcomed nearly 450 9th graders every year,” shared counseling department chair Mr. Grubka.
Ms. Bradley did move up into counseling the eleven graders this year in 2020. She had been with them since they came in as freshmen two years ago.

She also ran the Virtues program at Kenwood, teaching students in small groups to value positive characteristics and traits. She also used to work with our student athletes and confirm their eligibility with the NCAA. Ms. Bradley loves sports., which involved helping students with NCAA to play sports in college.

Students are really going to miss her. Senior Marijke N shares, “She would let me just sit in there after my teacher and I got into it! Although she wasn’t’ always my counselor she let me talk to her. I love Mrs. Bradley and am going to miss her so much.”

Students and staff were saddened when they heard the news of her retirement, but wish her well.  She  made a big impact in her eighteen years here at Kenwood. “She made Kenwood better everyday with her positive and caring attitude and concern for others. Teachers and colleagues praised her calming demeanor and her open-door policy,” shares Mr. Grubka.

Ms. Bradley shined the light on new beginnings for others and furthered students’ experiences because she knew all her students had great potential. Junior  Hannah M shares, “She always helped me figure stuff out.”

Sometimes having a good school counselor that you are comfortable with can make all the difference in your school experience. You can tell all your problems to them and seek them out for much needed advice, and that’s what Ms. Bradley was to several of Kenwood students but also her colleagues. School Counselor Ms. Kramer spent the last eighteen years working with Ms. Bradley. “She has not only been a mentor to the students but to me as well. She could always be depended on for good advice, as a confidant and mostly as my friend. Her relationship with kids was warm and friendly. She absolutely loved talking with students and helping them to determine their future paths!”

Though she only spent half the year with her eleventh graders, she was always available to help through google meets through this virtual school experience or other struggles to assist with other struggles they may have had during this trying time.

School Counselor Mrs. Strzegowski is really going to miss her guidance in the school counseling office, “It is hard to summarize just how amazing Ms. Bradley is! She is quite possibly the most kind-hearted person I have ever met. Her gentle and genuine nature shines through in her work with kids, as there is ALWAYS a line of students outside her door waiting to see her. I will miss going to her with questions because she is so knowledgeable in our work and never judges my ridiculous inquiries.”

Outside of Kenwood, Ms. Bradley also works as an advisor at CCBC-Essex, where she will continue part time. Additionally, she will devote the rest of her retirement, spending time with her children and grandchildren. Ms. Bradley left Kenwood with lots of love and great memories; she will be greatly missed but we wish her a wonderful retirement!