Food Drive Helps Fill the Food Pantry in time for the Holidays


Emily O.

Kenwood students waiting for cars to pull through to collect food for the food drive.

Natalia Obrebski

This year, Kenwood High was still able to hold their holiday food drive in which canned goods were donated to help provide food for members of the community. The first food drive was held on November 21 from 10am-1pm at the home of the Bluebirds. Students did their absolute best to organize, collect, and run the food drive.

Kenwood Counselor Mr. Grubka shares, “The food drive took place on the student side of the main entrance. Members of the community could drive up to the school and a Kenwood student unloaded their car for them. All students, staff, and community members were encouraged to participate.”

Students staying positive in serving the community. Photo Credit Emily O.

The food drive is a beneficial way for students and staff to show pride and kindness for their school community. Kenwood National Honor Society advisor Ms. McNulty is the advisor that oversees the annual holiday food drive but students from Kenwood Cares and SGA, as well as National Honor Society, all participate to run a successful school food drive. Ms. McNulty shares, “The food drive is a simple way to pay it forward. You never know if you’ll be in need someday. It’s nice to help those that need it when you’re able.”

What truly makes this holiday food drive wholesome are the efforts made from all the students and staff that put in the effort to collect canned goods for the needs of the community during the holiday season, especially during these trying times of the pandemic where many more are in need and it’s harder to organize the efforts to make the food drive still happen.

NHS and Food Drive coordinator Ms. McNulty with student volunteer Emily O.

The annual tradition of Kenwood’s food drive is to represent the holiday of “giving.” The food drive’s only purpose was not to see who donated the most, but is the generosity of donating canned food to people who don’t have the same advantage of others to have what they need. A junior from Kenwood’s National Honor Society, Annelise Hagen, states “I feel that a food drive is important because it benefits those in need. It is also a good way to bring people together to help one another. I have participated in one before and it feels nice to know that I can benefit those in need with food.”

Kenwood students Brynn L. and Emily O ready to make a difference in their community.

The action of kindness and effort could not have been as wonderful as it was if it weren’t for the students, staff, and community. Three large bins and three shelves worth of food was collected to fill Kenwood’s food pantry on November 21, and then on December 12 Bluebird students also joined Eastern Tech students for a second food drive that contributed to completely filling the entire food pantry in time for the holidays!

Kenwood has yet again conducted a successful holiday season food drive that makes sure everyone can have a safe and heart-warming holiday season this year.